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Automated Visibility Over Your Enterprise SaaS

AI-powered solution to control
your cloud software subscriptions

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Fully Automated Enterprise SaaS Management Solution

Our technology directly integrates with your financial systems and cloud subscription accounts to help you discover your SaaS stack, regaining visibility and control.

Granular Insight into Your Enterprise SaaS Stack

Valuable Data for M&As, IPOs, Takeovers and Renewal Negotiations

Continuous Oversight & License Optimization

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In good company

Cleanshelf helps enterprises take control of their SaaS spend.

Why Cleanshelf?

Shelfware is everyhere. Our clients save up to 30% on their unused SaaS subscriptions.

Few companies know what SaaS they have or how much it costs. Map your outgoings to get the intelligence you need for your cloud-IT subscriptions.

Hear From Our Customers

Customer feedback is what makes us tick!

»Cleanshelf is great and very much solving a problem most companies face as the number of SaaS applications explodes.«

CFO, Drawbridge

»Cleanshelf helps us make sure people are buying SaaS tools that aren’t redundant or overlapping, and figure out if there are any security risks with SaaS vendors.«

Director of Business Systems, Qumulo
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Cleanshelf's SaaS monitoring solution gives enterprises peace of mind and puts you in the driving seat.

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