Cleanshelf joins LeanIX

SaaS Management and modern Application Portfolio Management are finally united.

LeanIX becomes the first EA tool vendor to provide out-of-the-box SaaS Management capabilities to enable continuous transformation.

Control your enterprise SaaS

Automated discovery, simple management, and effective optimization of your enterprise SaaS.

Enterprise SaaS explosion

The typical 800-person US company uses 141 SaaS apps across the organization.

Security exposure

With 97% of CIOs unable to see their total SaaS exposure, security threats have become a major enterprise problem.

Compliance risk

CIOs need to know their SaaS portfolio to avoid giving out sensitive internal data to unvetted vendors.

Spiraling costs

Enterprise SaaS spend is growing at 25% year-on-year and is already the #2 cost item for many organizations.

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Fully automated SaaS management

Cleanshelf's AI-powered solution tracks all of your software licenses and automatically rightsizes your SaaS subscriptions.


Automatically identify all your SaaS services, see every user license, and understand how much you are spending on SaaS.


Measure software utilization, determine risk exposure, and identify wasted spend across all your SaaS subscriptions.


Cleanshelf’s AI engine learns which licenses are unused, underused, or unmanaged to automatically rightsize your SaaS subscriptions.


Cleanshelf gives IT and finance leaders visibility, intelligence, and actionable insights to control their enterprise SaaS.

Enterprise-ready solution

Cleanshelf’s automated technology is integrated with over 3,600 SaaS vendors and all leading financial, HR, and Single Sign-On systems.

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"Getting the enterprise SaaS explosion
under control."

Enterprise SaaS intelligence

A fully automated SaaS management software to control your enterprise SaaS.