Dear Cleanshelf family,

I’m thrilled to announce that Cleanshelf was acquired by enterprise architecture and cloud governance company, LeanIX.

Since day one, we’ve been on a mission to give enterprises transparency and control over their growing SaaS estates. This includes building an Enterprise SaaS Management platform with the industry’s most comprehensive list of integrations to discover, manage, and optimize all types of SaaS subscriptions. As our team looked ahead, it became clear that joining forces with LeanIX–and leaning on their enterprise architecture expertise–gives us the best chance to fulfill this mission.

LeanIX is one of Europe’s most notable tech companies, offering a suite of cloud-native software solutions to help enterprises accelerate their digital transformation journeys. Importantly, LeanIX shares our conviction for building the world’s best, enterprise-ready, SaaS management solution.

Dusan Omercevic, founder and CEO of Cleanshelf with André Christ, founder and CEO of LeanIX

“LeanIX is the Google Maps for a company’s IT landscape: We provide relevant information in the appropriate business context to determine the exact location, to navigate safely, and to plan the future journey,” shares André Christ, CEO, and Co-Founder of LeanIX.

Cleanshelf complements LeanIX's Application Portfolio Management and will be integrated into its portfolio as a new product named “LeanIX SaaS Intelligence”. Enterprises are adding more SaaS than ever, and with Cleanshelf part of the LeanIX family, companies can immediately improve application and software hygiene and pursue more cost-effective, secure, and value-added transformation.

“Cleanshelf’s software solution fits perfectly in our portfolio of products. Today, enterprises are using more and more SaaS–and managing it manually creates new problems. Issues like renewal management, tool optimization, secure on/offboarding, utilization, and user engagement are impossible to control with manual tools and processes. Cleanshelf’s automated solution is a perfect match for LeanIX’s vision. We are looking forward to working with Dusan and his team”, notes André.

IT is at the core of every enterprise–no matter their product, service, or industry. We believe in LeanIX’s vision to build the world’s leading enterprise architecture suite and help enterprises make faster, data-driven, technology decisions.

LeanIX already serves hundreds of international customers including well-known brands such as Volkswagen, Adidas, DHL, Atlassian, Workday, and Dropbox. Our complementary technologies can give these and other enterprises new performance and cost-savings capabilities.

I'm so proud of what the Cleanshelf team has accomplished and am thankful for the incredible people we call customers and partners. This is just the beginning. We can't wait to take our platform to the next level with LeanIX.

Yours Truly,
Dusan Omercevic

For additional information on the acquisition, please review the press release, or visit LeanIX.