Cleanshelf’s integration with SpringCM helps enterprises manage and understand SaaS contracts.

On the heels of our recent Netskope integration announcement, we are excited to share another update. From day one, our goal has been to help clients expose the full picture of their SaaS suite. Over the years, purpose-built integrations unlocked even easier app management.

Today, clients’ abilities to discover and manage SaaS contracts took a huge leap forward with our reveal of direct SpringCM integration. We know many of you have requested this functionality–we heard you loud and clear!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with SpringCM, here is a short overview.

What is SpringCM?
SpringCM, a DocuSign Company, is a platform that helps companies generate, automate, manage, and store documents and contracts in a secure cloud. The platform’s organization and search, redline and negotiation management, and automation features help clients connect with customers–and close business, fast.

It simplifies your business processes, making your documents and work flow.

Cleanshelf + SpringCM integration = better SaaS contract insights

Next in our Integration Spotlight series is a feature on our integration with SpringCM. We are proud of this new opportunity for improved SaaS contract management.

The Cleanshelf + SpringCM integration improves insight into any SaaS contract clients have. It includes connection with popular tools–including Salesforce CRM–to improve contract information.

Why did we make integration with SpringCM?

We know that having all SaaS contract details available in one command view is a game-changer for finance and legal/compliance teams. Gone are the days of piecing together documents and critical contract detail from shared drives and personal email.

Our integration offers insights into connection, too. Contract management becomes a true one-stop-shop experience: next time you renegotiate SaaS contracts your teams will have all the insights they need to make an informed decision. Quickly discover who negotiated or approved the contract, how many interactions there were, and what terms were included.

Often, contract changes get made without including the service owner/admin, and companies lose sight of contract renewal deadlines. Now, by using the integration on Cleanshelf's platform users are notified about any contract detail updates or activity. Finally, a single source of truth!

What can companies expect with the Cleanshelf + SpringCM integration?

  • Single, consolidated view of every SaaS contract
  • Automatic notification and tracking of every contract change
  • Visual contract renewal timeline
  • Renewal alerts

How do you add the integration to the Cleanshelf platform?

For existing clients, the implementation is simple. Login into Cleanshelf platform and click the "Add the Service" button in the top right corner of our dashboard.


Now look for SpringCM using the search box. Once you find the tool, follow the instructions to integrate.


If there are other integrations you’re interested in for your SaaS stack, send us a note. We’d love to hear from you.


About Cleanshelf

Cleanshelf is the leading enterprise SaaS management platform focused on tracking, controlling, and benchmarking SaaS applications. Their SOC 2-compliant and AI-powered technology helps companies save up to 30% on their SaaS spending by automatically identifying unmanaged contracts, duplicate licenses, and wasted cloud software subscriptions. Based in San Francisco, Cleanshelf provides an enterprise-grade solution to over a hundred clients, including Qumulo, Wodify, and CoStar Group.

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