Cleanshelf’s integration with Okta’s Identity Cloud helps IT leaders access a holistic view of their SaaS estate, uncover shadow IT, provision technology licenses, and manage access to their entire workforce more efficiently than ever before.

Digital transformation is bringing digital technology into all areas of business and fundamentally changing how companies operate and deliver value to customers. The average organizational spend on software per employee has increased 228% over the past five years which means there is a great need to reduce costs, drive value, and increase internal efficiencies.

Cleanshelf + Okta story

After discussing major pain points with our customers, one theme kept coming up—employee lifecycle management. IT and Security leaders require effective access and experience management of a distributed workforce.

Cleanshelf customers know that employee lifecycle management is nothing without SaaS visibility since they discovered they can have up to 50% more SaaS (shadow IT) than they know about.

Also, access management is only as good as the tools and applications it knows exists. To broader IT teams, access management solutions are limited in their ability to help IT and InfoSec teams effectively manage provisioning and licensing. They can’t control what they can't see!

Merging visibility with access management would be the next step to control any SaaS portfolio.

Therefore, we are proud to announce the launch of our in-depth Okta platform integration for Lifecycle Management!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Okta, here is a short overview.

What is Okta?
Okta is an independent and neutral platform that streamlines user management with Single Sign-On, Multi-factor Authentication, Lifecycle Management (Provisioning), Mobility Management, and API Access Management solutions.

In other words, it’s a comprehensive user lifecycle management solution.

Cleanshelf + Okta integration = SaaS visibility and access management combined

Our Integration Spotlight series continues with a feature on our integration with Okta. We are proud of this new opportunity for effective and secure SaaS management that will bring our customers to the next level in terms of control, security, and productivity.

The Cleanshelf + Okta integration helps you provision technology licenses and includes permissioning capabilities on individual licensing, group access management, and administrator privileges.

Cleanshelf is a booster for Okta, bringing shadow IT into the light and supercharging Okta's capabilities. Even better, we pulled Okta's functionality into Cleanshelf creating a single point for visibility and control. No need for two screens and flipping between apps, it's all in Cleanshelf - elegant, simple, and efficient.

Why did we integrate with Okta?

“We’ve seen how much time teams spend by manually checking SaaS providers for unused licenses, how employee accounts get stuck in tools for months after they’ve already left, and especially we’ve seen how hard it is to scale this approach as companies grow. Okta is a powerful player in this field who is putting a lot of resources behind its integrations. We are fundamentally different than our primary competitors in the market who have ventured into building an IAM to compete with Okta. We have a different approach. We believe that the best solution for our customers is not to replace Okta, but to enhance, leverage, and streamline it, and bring this functionality to the fingertips of our users,” shared Jost Novljan, VP of Engineering at Cleanshelf.

What can companies expect with the Cleanshelf + Okta integration?

  • Add and remove licenses for users directly from Cleanshelf
  • Get full visibility into the users’ lifecycles
  • Get logging of all actions
  • Get full control of what steps are taken when the user is deprovisioned

Visit the press release to learn more.

The deprovisioning functionality is available to all customers using Okta SSO today, for testing the beta provisioning functionality please reach out to Cleanshelf’s Customer Success team at