One of our customers recently had a credit card cancelled due to potential abuse. Resolving the issue was a big distraction to the team in many expected ways but also in one unexpected and novel way - the VP of engineering had to deal with finding all subscriptions paid with the cancelled credit card.

These days every department has at least dozens of cloud software subscriptions. While Sales and Marketing has already surpassed Engineering as the biggest SaaS spender, the Engineering department still owns the most cloud apps by count. When the credit card is cancelled, it is usually the VP of Engineering who must deal with finding all the affected subscriptions and update billing information.

Updating billing information in SaaS is quite a common procedure happening for various reasons: expenditure on a particular card goes over the limit, you acquire a company and consolidate the services, tax reasons etc. The biggest challenge is finding which services were paid with the cancelled card. With the latest update, Cleanshelf offers a much better way to keep the lights up.

A better way to keep the lights up

We just added a new capability to Cleanshelf that conveniently stores all services connected to a specific credit card. Cleanshelf does all the work automatically and securely, through Plaid APIs so you don’t need to bother manually storing the information.

This feature can save your team a lot of time whenever you need to change a credit card without risking suspended services (e.g. when an employee that had left the company was the owner of a few services so nobody received the notification to update billing information).

And if you're changing the cards for internal reasons (e.g. because it simplifies bookkeeping) the new functionality can help reduce friction and resistance in your team - people are busy and see little value in helping to sort out the seemingly rudimentary administrative task.

This functionality is available to existing Cleanshelf customers right now. If you’re interested to set up a system of record for your cloud apps and streamline management of your SaaS subscriptions, get in touch - we’ll be very happy to give you a demo of our product. And did we mention that Cleanshelf can help you save tens of thousands of dollars on your SaaS spend?

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