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At Cleanshelf, we write often about the growing challenges of untamed SaaS. But equally important are the stories about those companies that are fighting back. These companies, armed with the right tools and a systematic approach for optimizing SaaS, are achieving new levels of savings, security and simplicity.

Wodify is one of these companies - and we helped them save thousands of dollars. Wodify is a leading developer of fitness management software tools helping gyms thrive. They offer a comprehensive suite of products – ranging from membership management, to performance tracking, marketing and lead management, group heart-rate monitoring and class bookings – for over 4,500 gyms across 100 countries worldwide. While their mission to get the world fitter, happier and healthier was working, some SaaS oversight was costing them.

Paying a lot, for a little.

For the last year and a half, Wodify held a significant deployment of Pusher, a provider of collaboration and communication API for web and mobile apps. Pusher was one of the 91 SaaS tools used internally that had become difficult to track and manage. Wodify turned to Cleanshelf, connected the their SaaS tools and immediately began building login, spend and usage insights. Shortly after, Cleanshelf’s Customer Success team began preparing Wodify’s monthly Utilization Report. This report was clear: Pusher usage was dropping and in the six months prior to Cleanshelf’s intervention, data showed that the company was using less than 1% of its available monthly quota.

Every month, Cleanshelf customers receive a custom report detailing optimization insights and curated recommendations based on a customer’s internal SaaS deployment. Company Head of Customer Success, Gasper Vojevec, guides that “these easy-to-consume reports feature top improvement areas and critical notifications for customers.”

The insights, built from imported data on spend, utilization, provisioning and market intelligence, compliment customers’ Cleanshelf dashboard use and represent selected opportunity improvement areas like downgrades or provisioning recommendations. The report insights may also share guidance on what peer companies are paying for a particular SaaS solution that is up for renewal.

For Wodify, Cleanshelf detected the underutilization and alerted People Operations Manager, Natercia Simones. As Ms. Simones later shared, the company was able to quickly downgrade Pusher to a FREE monthly plan that fit their usage demands.

And the benefit?

One email saved Wodify thousands of dollars in SaaS spend. This simple subscription plan downgrade also delivered massive ROI on Wodify’s annual Cleanshelf subscription – all from just one service notification.

Every month, we find great savings, investment and productivity enhancing opportunities for clients on our SaaS management platform. Check out the below list of SaaS tools. Is your company using any of these?

These are just a few of the hundreds of tools we manage to help you surface savings, security and collaboration opportunities.

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Every company using SaaS struggles in the chaos of license management. Issues with redundant applications, unused licenses, license term violations, undesirable auto-renewals and expired contracts can start to overwhelm. If you’re a finance or technology leader ready for an easier way, contact us today.

The team at Cleanshelf is ready to show you how a software system of record can immediately and easily help you save time and money while improving security and compliance practices. We saved Wodify thousands of dollars - why not be next?

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