At Cleanshelf, our number one priority is that SaaS customers are successful with our product. From deployment to onboarding and ongoing use; easy, measurable business impact is at the heartbeat of what we do. To further this commitment we hired Gasper Vojevec to oversee the process. Gasper is a seasoned SaaS customer success leader and focused on helping clients maximize their investment.

Below, Gasper shares a few thoughts on what customer success really means, his role and plans for helping take customers’ experiences to the next level.

What made you choose to work at Cleanshelf?
This is a unique opportunity to work in customer success at an innovative tech company that is poised to dominate the SaaS expense management sector. The environment is fast paced and I get to partner with different stakeholders from the world of finance and IT industry. The decision was made even easier after meeting a great team of coworkers.

What is it about the Cleanshelf product that you feel sets it apart?
We have a great team of skilled engineers behind our technology. Combined, our team has more than 20 years of experience with data aggregation, which gives us a big edge over the competition. Based on the insights we derive from data, we can make recommendations and help customers with ways to reduce wasteful SaaS spending and better manage their cloud software subscriptions.

In your experience, what do SaaS customers often misunderstand about Customer Success?
Customer success should be proactive and committed to monitoring the customer's usage of, and satisfaction with, a software solution. Customer Success isn’t just about troubleshooting.

We can identify opportunities and get ahead of challenges by looking at the way a customer engages with our software. Then we can take action to resolve challenges and look for areas of expansion to grow longer term benefit.

"This isn’t a passive role, but an active partnership."

Functionally, a Customer Success manager should operate at times as an account manager, relationship manager,  project manager, and customer support manager; this builds more focused value-generation for our customers.

What are your top three priorities as Customer Success manager?
Most important is to just make each customer as successful as possible by connecting, understanding and monitoring their business.

The second priority would be to ensure the customers are using the solution to its full potential and are seeing value from it. If not, I make it my goal to help them get the most out of our product.

Last, but not least, I make it a point out to deliver smooth onboarding and implementation processes which saves customers a lot of time and energy.

What can customers expect when onboarding, or starting with Cleanshelf?
It is really simple!

We hop on a call with someone from your IT and Finance departments to connect your systems. We are fully integrated with over 600 online software vendors, so the connection happens as soon as you grant Cleanshelf access to usage data.

Most implementations require just 30-45 minutes of time for customers, and then our team has your SaaS dashboard up within 1-2 days of signing the service agreement.  At that point, we arrange a kick-off call to review initial findings and tour you around the system.

How can customers get the most value from their software subscriptions?
After the initial excitement user counts naturally drop. We need to partner and our team can help educate customers even further on how to adopt, adapt and optimize software to best fit their needs.

"Cleanshelf equipped the CFO with data and insights to save the company $50,000 on the renewed contract."

Can you share an example of a “win” or customer success that happened?
The CFO of one of our customers was looking to renew an annual software subscription contract worth $250,000. The department head was pushing him hard for a renewal. By working with our Customer Success team we equipped the CFO with data and insights to save the company $50,000 on the renewed contract.

What are example areas where a Customer Success manager will reach out to the client?
If we notice you have a contract expiring soon, we may let you know about pricing benchmark data we have available to help you negotiate a better renewal rate. We can also let you know about per user rates from other customers to help you more effectively negotiate with a vendor.

Similar recommendations will also be included on your monthly optimization reports, but we want to be as proactive as possible to ensure you don’t miss savings opportunities!

Thanks Gasper!

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