San Mateo, California - Cleanshelf, a leading SaaS spend optimization solution, announced a partnership with OneLogin, the leader in Unified Access Management, to help automatically optimize enterprise SaaS expense by identifying unused, underused, or unmanaged SaaS licenses and subscriptions.

SaaS spend is already reaching $10,000 annually per employee, growing at a 25% CAGR,” said Dusan Omercevic, CEO at Cleanshelf. "A solution is required to control rising enterprise SaaS expense and to reduce 30%-40% in wasted expenses due to a lack of proactive vendor management and account rationalization. We’re excited to join forces with OneLogin to continue helping companies with an easy-to-use and powerful SaaS expense optimization solution.

Cleanshelf’s integration with OneLogin provides companies with actionable information about their cloud software subscriptions - from actual usage and department utilization to expense. OneLogin’s identity service integrates seamlessly via API to Cleanshelf’s state-of-the-art platform and allows companies to immediately track, optimize, and benchmark their cloud software subscriptions for all OneLogin-connected cloud tools such as Salesforce, Box, AWS, Office 365, Jira and Slack.

Qumulo, the fast-growing tech innovator from Seattle that builds solutions for hybrid cloud file storage, saw immediate results in leveraging the integration of OneLogin with Cleanshelf. Lynn Johnson, Director of Business Systems at Qumulo, emphasizes the smooth onboarding due to Cleanshelf’s tight integration with OneLogin and immediate ROI they received by benefiting from Cleanshelf’s most valuable features - SaaS app usage insights, detailed overview by departments and advanced reporting dashboard.

"It helped us make sure people are buying SaaS tools that aren’t redundant or overlapping." - Lynn Johnson, Qumulo

Johnson explains that their first priority has been overviewing and managing the growing software use inside their file storage technology company - swiftly and efficiently. “And that’s exactly what we’re achieving. If I could describe Cleanshelf’s integration with OneLogin in one word - it’s simplicity.” Cleanshelf tracks monthly active members with the information pulled directly from OneLogin. She adds what happened was fascinating: “We effortlessly got visibility into usage and utilization of all services that we connected with OneLogin. It helped us make sure people are buying SaaS tools that aren’t redundant or overlapping.

Ellation and Drawbridge echo Qumulo’s experience and positive outcomes while leveraging Cleanshelf's features. One company’s IT led the rollout of a popular file sharing and collaboration software Box. Initially, the adoption of Box within the company was high with nearly 90% of employees using the tool. Usage quickly dropped and hovered around 65%. By using data from Cleanshelf pulled directly through OneLogin, IT was able to detect the root of the problem and introduce better education; helping employees better experience the benefits and see the challenges the new tool resolved. Knowledge of usage is power - and is essential to realize ROI of a software project.

"We’re excited to partner with Cleanshelf to provide organizations with a more comprehensive view of their SaaS environment and actionable insights." - Matt Hurley, OneLogin

OneLogin is thrilled to support partners developing innovative, API-built solutions that solve real world challenges. We’re excited to partner with Cleanshelf to provide organizations with a more comprehensive view of their SaaS environment and actionable insights, leveraging OneLogin’s extensive catalog of prebuilt application integrations.” - Matt Hurley, VP Global Channels, Strategic Alliances and Professional Services at OneLogin.

Cleanshelf's tight integration with OneLogin enables coupling of spend and usage information to let finance, procurement, and IT departments maximize ROI on cloud software subscriptions while driving new levels of utilization insight and decision-making certainty for finance leadership. CFOs are able to achieve transparency, full accountability and economies of scale for technology expense at their organization.

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