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"Lots of people are swimming in spreadsheets, stuck in the cycle of manually auditing license counts. But few people actually know there’s a solution." - Devin Goodkin, Business Director

Our vision is to help thousands more companies free up cash and time, and improve security through optimization. Today, we interview Devin Goodkin, Cleanshelf's Business Director, to learn more about his customer and sales philosophy, his best ‘ah-ha’ moments and learn how prospects can succeed with Cleanshelf.

Best question first: what’s the biggest thing the SaaS buyer market doesn’t know that you think is essential?

Lots of people are swimming in spreadsheets, stuck in the cycle of manually auditing license counts. But few people actually know there’s a solution. Take the CRM market, for example. Businesses start tracking contacts, prospect conversations and call notes and soon realize they need a managed, scalable and easy-to-use tool. They know there are solutions and go evaluate CRMs.

Today, people realize they have dozens – if not hundreds – of SaaS tools with convoluted processes for tracking usage, deciding on renewals and managing contracts. They just don’t realize there’s a viable solution for this that helps save time and money. We exist – and we work!

What benefits of Cleanshelf / SaaS optimization do customers get most excited about?

They love that we have over 2,000 direct SaaS vendor integrations helping them get visibility. Within minutes, they have highly-visual dashboards displaying their internal SaaS ecosystem. They are keen to see costs by department and vendor, and get insights into who is using what.

They love that they can actually make intelligent renewal or cancellation decisions, often moving off of an enterprise grade plan, saving hundreds or thousands of dollars, without impacting anyone’s productivity or collaboration.

What have customer conversations helped you learn?

I’ve realized that the levels of pain are different depending on the customer role or department, but that there is a universal need for what we do.

Let me share a few examples -

Savings and efficiency are the benchmarks when it comes to assessing procurement leaders. So they are constantly trying to optimize license costs and understand usage. We help them achieve their KPIs quickly, reducing the amount of offline spreadsheet management and the back and forth negotiations with department leaders that have purchased SaaS on their corporate card.

Similarly, think about IT leaders at e-commerce companies. E-commerce is a cutthroat business and these companies spend a lot on SaaS tools to help acquire and keep customers. At the same time, it’s a margin business and companies operate with razor thin margins to compete. Investing in IT headcount or resources is a luxury most don’t have. We become IT’s superpower; helping them control their growing stack of SaaS, maintain security and save cash.

What is one question you often hear from customers?

Privacy is always a topic that comes up. They see we integrate with thousands of vendors and wonder if we’re safe. The answer is, yes!

We have implemented controls for SOC 2 and GDPR compliance. We utilize SSL encryption (the same stuff used by banks and government agencies) and world-class secure server infrastructure. We’ve been vetted by data compliance and security teams at Fortune 500-level enterprise clients in the hospitality, e-commerce, consumer goods and technology spaces too.

Tell us about Cleanshelf’s move to San Francisco. Why this, why now?

Levi’s Plaza is in the heart of the city’s business district. This area is a hub of innovation. More than ever, we can now eat, sleep and breathe technology. We’re looking forward to the opportunity to find new partners, access great talent and find more ways to solve startups’ and growing companies’ pain points.

Here’s the mic, what’s one last thing you want the world to hear?

A customer was blown away recently by how easy it was to setup Cleanshelf. Prospects hear “SaaS optimization” and think of an IT-led, resource-heavy effort with lots of data prep. During her Cleanshelf onboard, we plugged Cleanshelf into relevant data sources and within 30 minutes she had full insight into over 100 SaaS apps. Few investments deliver this ROI with such minimal work.


Thanks Devin! For us, few things are better than getting a virtual ‘high-five’ email from a leader who finally pressed “Delete” on their mess of SaaS tracker spreadsheets. An awesome day has us fielding calls from customers who integrated Cleanshelf and were instantly blown away by how much money they could save. Or, hearing from a manager that put their new hire to strategic use, instead of tasking them with chasing down managers to audit license counts.

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