Integrations and Partnerships

Powered by AI, our integration with over 2,000 SaaS providers, plus several SSOs, HR systems and ERPs, is how we automate Cleanshelf's cloud subscription monitoring solution.

Financial Integration Partners

Direct integrations with all leading financial systems enable Cleanshelf to provide customers with full visibility into their SaaS and cloud IT spend.

Single Sign-On Integration Partners

Our direct integrations with all leading single-sign on systems enable easy capture of utilization data across all your subscription SaaS apps.

HRIS Integration Partners

Integration with HR systems to automatically track SaaS spend and utilization across departments is key to efficiently manage subscription SaaS apps in large organizations.

Direct SaaS Vendor Integrations

Cleanshelf has more than 2500 direct integrations with all leading SaaS vendors to help our customers measure if SaaS subscriptions are actually used and delivering value to the company.

»Cleanshelf delivers fast and valuable optimization suggestions that make managing SaaS services a walk in the park. They go above and beyond for us, providing a great product and a great service.«

People Operations, Wodify

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