Data entry automation specialist

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Cleanshelf is a fast-growing enterprise SaaS management solution. We've seen massive growth so far - last year we’ve grown by 6x, we're well-positioned among the market leaders in this space, our customers love us, and we want to dominate the market. We are building the future of this space and to get there we need exceptional people. That's why we need you - to help us accelerate this journey!

We're looking for an accurate, fast, insightful, fast-learning and independent Economy graduate (or equivalent) to advance process automation, machine learning algorithms among countless SaaS solutions.

Role description: 

  • Data refresh
  • Recording and automation of procedures
  • Recognizing the value of information
  • Producing reports
  • Learning the license models of SaaS providers


  • Accurate, insightful, quick to learn, independent


  • Data, computing knowledge