Product Designer

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Cleanshelf is a fast-growing enterprise SaaS management solution. We've seen massive growth so far - last year we’ve grown by 6x, we're well-positioned among the market leaders in this space, our customers love us, and we want to dominate the market. We are building the future of SaaS management and to get there we need exceptional people. That's why we need you - to help us accelerate this journey!

Why should I care? Well, there are multiple reasons:

  • You’ll get the opportunity to work very tightly with some of the biggest US and global companies like Hilton, Looker, AT&T and with our fast growth we’re adding more every week.
  • We want to solidify ourselves as the market leader, which means our application needs to look and behave on a world-class level.
  • We’re a startup based in the heart of San Francisco, with offices in beautiful Denver and Ljubljana. This means you get a connection with the Silicon Valley tech scene and we'll also send you to work with the team there if you want! 
  • We're growing rapidly so this means you'll be able to grow with the company and take on bigger and bigger challenges. You will have a very high impact on the team and the team's direction, this is your chance to get in early.
  • We try to learn and apply the best possible practices to product, engineering, and people management. For that we're connected with some of the best engineering leaders in the world that built Atlassian, BigCommerce, MuleSoft, eBay, Symantec, ModuleQ and on the product side we're working tightly with the Silicon Valley Product group led by Marty Cagan who is a great leader and coach in the Product development space. 
  • We have an experienced leadership team that has built exceptional teams in their previous companies like Zemanta, Databox, Sportradar, and Reciprocitylabs.
  • We want to invest in you and develop your talent, get you connected to the best people and leaders working at Slack, Facebook, Google.
  • We have a culture of empowered product teams, which means you're not just executing a roadmap that someone hands to you but you actually get problems to solve where you can apply your creativity, find a solution, talk to the customers and own it. And from that, we value and reward outcomes not just output
  • We value constant learning and we live by it. Weekly training sessions, educational budgets, mentoring, hackathons, book clubs, meetups, you name it
  • We value deep work so we try to optimize everything we do to get maximum amounts of it
  • We value work-life balance, support working remotely or on-site and we believe a well-rested and well-rounded person with interests outside of their job is the best engineer. We offer flexible working hours, so you can adapt your job to your life.
  • Completely new beautiful office in Ljubljana city center with great food and transportation options
  • Competitive compensation, stock options, full time employment


  • By product designer we mean this definition
  • You are responsible for adoption of your part of the product and making sure it achieves the outcomes we expect, not just that it looks great
  • Work with customers like Hilton, Looker, AT&T to find out what their pain is and figure out how to solve it. Get to know them really really well, figure out how we can provide maximum value to them
  • Engage with every new idea end to end, from discovery phase to delivery in production
  • Design the overall user experience that the customer will have with our product: how do they discover the product, first interact with it, how to motivate them to engage with the product, etc..
  • Use analytics tools to figure out the performance of what you build and identify new challenges
  • Create quick prototypes and iterate very fast on new ideas
  • Find new innovative ways to delight our customers
  • Create great functional designs and interactions
  • Work daily with the engineering team, brainstorm ideas together
  • Perform user testing with the customers or internal teams


What we’re looking for:

  • At least 5 years of relevant experience as a product designer (a mesh of UX and visual design)
  • You know Marty Cagan’s book “Inspired” and are familiar with his philosophy on product development
  • Experience building enterprise SAAS applications 
  • Experience with analytics tools and making data driven decisions
  • Examples of innovative solutions in the past
  • Examples of great user experiences that you’ve built in your products
  • Experience with methodologies for quickly validating new ideas, and getting customer feedback
  • You get things done