Data scientist / Machine learning engineer

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Cleanshelf is a fast-growing enterprise SaaS management solution. We've seen massive growth so far, we're well-positioned among the market leaders in this space and we want to dominate it. We are building the future of this space and to get there we need exceptional engineers. That's why we need you - to help us accelerate this journey!

Why should I care? Well, there are multiple reasons:

  • We're growing rapidly so this means you'll be able to grow with the company and take on bigger and bigger challenges. You have a very high impact on the team and the team's direction, this is your chance to get in early
  • We're solving hard engineering challenges and we need experienced engineers to solve them. They are roughly comparable to building a search engine and require a lot of creativity and very strong engineering knowledge
  • We try to learn and apply the best possible practices to the product, engineering, and people management. For that we're connected with some of the best engineering leaders in the world that built Atlassian, BigCommerce, MuleSoft, eBay, Symantec, ModuleQ and on the product side we're working tightly with the Silicon Valley Product group led by Marty Cagan who is a great leader and coach in the Product development space. 
  • We have an experienced leadership team that has built exceptional engineering teams in their previous companies like Zemanta, Databox, Sportradar, and Reciprocitylabs
  • We have a culture of empowered engineering teams, which means you're not just executing a roadmap that someone hands to you but you actually get problems to solve where you can apply your creativity, find a solution, talk to the customers and own it. And from that, we value and reward outcomes not just output
  • We value constant learning and we live by it. Weekly training sessions, educational budgets, mentoring, hackathons, book clubs, meetups, you name it
  • Our headquarters is in San Francisco which means you get a connection with the Silicon Valley tech scene and we'll also send you to work with the team there if you want!
  • We value deep work so we try to optimize everything we do to get maximum amounts of it
  • We value work-life balance, support working remotely or on-site and we believe a well-rested and well-rounded person with interests outside of their job is the best engineer. We offer flexible working hours, so you can adapt your job to your life.
  • Teams define their own processes, they're not dictated by management
  • Completely new beautiful office in Ljubljana city center with great food and transportation options
  • Competitive compensation, stock options, full time employment

Your responsibilities:

  • Bring solutions from ideas to implementation in production
  • You have the opportunity to set up the process and hire your team to make you effective
  • Help improve and level up our data strategy
  • Train junior team members
  • Automate detection and classification of services
  • Create optimization recommendations for customers based on their data
  • Extract pricing information from unstructured data
  • Proactively discover patterns in our data, and help us provide more value to our customers
  • Work with Support and Product teams to figure out what insights will benefit our customers the most
  • Support internal teams with insights into our own business and performance

What are we looking for:

  • 5+ years of experience using data to solve real world problems
  • Experience with the latest state of the art data science/machine learning tools
  • PhD or masters in any of the related fields (math, physics, computer science, statistics) is preferred but not required if you have enough real world experience to showcase your skills
  • Extensive experience with machine learning tools, and languages like Python, R, SQL, etc.
  • Plus is software development experience, especially with data pipelines and data extraction
  • Plus is experience with managing and building teams
  • Plus is previous startup experience
  • Plus is experience with cloud based solutions for machine learning like Google cloud platform