January 18, 2016

Workable - Greece Grows More Than Just Olives

In most start-ups hiring involves collective decision-making. But except for hiring managers, the hiring process is for most people get-in-get-out activity that interrupts their regular programming, customer support, or product management work. Workable does great job at providing all the relevant information about the candidate so that the interviewer doesn't need to bother anybody as he or she prepares for phone screen or on-site interview.

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January 9, 2016

Cleanshelf Releases Monthly Summary Reports - 29 Emails Less For You To Worry About Each Month

Starting today, Cleanshelf customers will be getting a monthly summary report about usage and costs of online services they use. Instead of receiving 30 emails with the invoice and usage report from every service provider individually, they will get a single email that includes just the important information about increase in cost, drop in usage, top services by spend, and employees most active at using services.

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