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Cleanshelf cuts excess SaaS spending by identifying unused subscriptions and wasteful plans.

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Without enterprise SaaS intelligence, you cannot map your software subscription stack or know how much you are paying. It is time to take back control.


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Knowledge is power – what you don’t know actually does hurt you. Negotiate from a position of strength for your SaaS signups and renewals.


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Is there a black hole where your SaaS spend should be? Cleanshelf shines a light on your shadow IT to give you 20/20 vision.


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Trusted by senior finance and IT people and department leads to keep tabs on their SaaS spending.

»Cleanshelf is great and very much solving a problem most companies face as the number of SaaS applications explodes.«

CFO, Drawbridge

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Cleanshelf's enterprise intelligence helps businesses save up to 30% on their SaaS spending.

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