Save up to 30%
on your SaaS spending

Cleanshelf cuts excess SaaS spending by identifying unused subscriptions and wasteful plans.

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You’re probably paying too much for your software subscriptions. Cleanshelf tracks actual usage and identifies saving opportunities for you.


Inform your discussions. Cleanshelf helps you get the upper hand against SaaS vendors when signing up or renegotiating renewals.


Keep pace with the rest of the organization. Cleanshelf uses the principle of  “follow the money” to track SaaS subscriptions across all the departments.


Trusted by senior finance people and department leads to keep tabs on their SaaS spending.

»Cleanshelf is great and very much solving a problem most companies face as the number of SaaS applications explodes.«

CFO, Drawbridge

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Cleanshelf's cloud technologies help companies save up to 30% on their SaaS spending.

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