January 9, 2016

Cleanshelf Releases Monthly Summary Reports

You're the kind of person who prefers Google Apps over Microsoft Office. You also prefer everything in the cloud over having an extensive operations staff. And instead of hiring additional developer to write that fancy reporting dashboard, you pay good money to Periscope Data. Little by little the count of online services you're using has grown to thirty and you start observing also some downsides of extensive use of online services.

For example, each service is sending you a monthly email with the invoice and usage report. It might have been fun to receive such emails when you were using only a handful of services, but with 30 such emails filling your inbox each month this certainly isn't funny any more. At best you spend an hour or two per month reviewing service invoices and at worst you've just set an automatic forwarding of these emails to your bookkeeper, thus putting yourself at the mercy of service vendors that charges are fair.

Cleanshelf customers know better. Starting today they will be getting a monthly summary report about usage and costs of online services they use. Instead of receiving 30 emails with the invoice and usage report from every service provider individually, they will get a single email that includes just the important information about:

  • increase in service cost,
  • drop in service usage,
  • top services by spend, and
  • employees most active at using services.

Instead of hours spent on reviewing each invoice and usage report individually, you need just a few minutes per month to make sure the online services are delivering the right value for your money. Moreover, Cleanshelf has experts employed with in-depth understanding of services and their pricing, who provide suggestions about optimal usage plans and warn you about unfair business practices of service vendors.

Monthly summary reports are available to all Cleanshelf customers starting today. If you are not using Cleanshelf yet, click here to get started. The setup process takes less than a minute per service and there is no additional burden for you afterwards. Cleanshelf operates completely automatically and saves your time and money every month while providing a complete control over online services that your are using.

About Cleanshelf

Cleanshelf is the leading SaaS spend optimization solution focused exclusively on tracking, controlling, and benchmarking subscription SaaS applications. Cleanshelf’s cloud technologies help companies save up to 30% on their SaaS spending by automatically identifying unused, underused, or unmanaged licenses and subscriptions.

Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, Cleanshelf serves dozens of clients, including Drawbridge, Revinate, Dynamic Signal, Qumulo, and Service Rocket.


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