July 19, 2016

Cut Excess SaaS Spending While Letting Teams Use Top Tools

It seems everybody and their sister has learned how to circumvent limits on headcount and spending by subscribing to yet another SaaS.

No wonder SaaS has become #2 cost item in high-growth companies.

CFOs can try to limit distributed SaaS purchase decisions, but they risk their company losing agility as teams are slowed down by IT bureaucracy.

At Cleanshelf we provide an alternative. We want to help CFOs prevent excess SaaS spending while letting teams use the top tools.

Head of business operations at a leading telecommunications startup described best what a modern tech CFO needs in order to reign in increasing SaaS costs:

The perfect product would be for me to be able to input my email / credit card, have the software see what software licenses we have and how much we spend monthly. Then it would be nice to see our usage per service. So would like to see how many employees use their license and where we can cancel subscriptions.

Today Cleanshelf is announcing support for tracking SaaS subscriptions via corporate cards.

You can now grant Cleanshelf access to your corporate cards statements and Cleanshelf will automatically identify which SaaS subscriptions you have and track their costs.

We see this as an important step towards providing the perfect product for a modern tech CFO who needs to reign in increasing SaaS costs.

The support for corporate cards is available to all paying Cleanshelf customers as of today. Look for “Connect a credit card” button in your account settings. Pressing it triggers Plaid’s interface for connecting your corporate card with Cleanshelf.

Once you connect your corporate card, it takes up to 48 hours for Cleanshelf to process corporate card data and update your SaaS subscription dashboard.

Security and privacy

Cleanshelf takes security and privacy seriously. We leverage APIs from Plaid, a trusted third-party that uses industry best practices, to access information.

Plaid is a world class fintech provider from San Francisco used by the likes of Stripe and Gusto, and backed by Goldman Sachs, Spark Capital, and other top-notch investors.

Plaid’s security notice: https://www.plaid.com/security
Cleanshelf’s security notice: https://www.cleanshelf.com/security

About Cleanshelf

Cleanshelf is the leading SaaS spend optimization solution focused exclusively on tracking, controlling, and benchmarking subscription SaaS applications. Cleanshelf’s cloud technologies help companies save up to 30% on their SaaS spending by automatically identifying unused, underused, or unmanaged licenses and subscriptions.

Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, Cleanshelf serves dozens of clients, including Drawbridge, Revinate, Dynamic Signal, Qumulo, and Service Rocket.


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