November 28, 2017

SaaS Vendors Are Having Wild Success Selling To Your Org

SaaS vendors are getting too good at selling to your teams. Offers are too compelling. Trial to conversion experiences are too seamless. The orchestrated virality works.

Consider how Salesforce – perhaps the most successful, sticky and viral enterprise SaaS offering of all time – is approaching a sale:

An Internet Connection is all the Infrastructure You Need.

Out of the gate, they appeal to frictionless uptake.

Then, they highlight the very features that will compel your employees to sign up.

...SaaS applications are available from any computer or any device—anytime, anywhere…

...SaaS applications are subscription based. No license fees mean lower initial costs…

...Because the SaaS provider manages all updates and upgrades, there are no patches for customers to download or install…

...The SaaS provider also manages availability, so there’s no need for customers to add hardware, software, or bandwidth as the user base grows…

Daily, your employees are pitched by myriad SaaS salespeople. Their sales playbooks, no doubt architected after the pitch Salesforce has perfected.

SaaS advantages are tremendous, they should be taken advantage of by growing companies to automate repetitive tasks, introduce security, foster collaboration and drive scale. But their introduction and proliferation need to be managed.

More than ever you need good processes to manage license adoption and spend.

"Companies that are succeeding have cultures of organized, repeatable and well-communicated processes. They find themselves making smarter decisions, more often."

Process improvement begins with a recognition of undisciplined spend and loose software policy. It takes on life as leaders streamline requisition, create means for visibility, validate security protocol, publish performance metrics, route approvals and create negotiation leverage.

But none of this happens until companies know what is owned, by whom and how much is being spent or used. Cleanshelf lays the rails on which process improvement runs.

When transparency and hard data is unlocked, business and IT leadership can meaningfully connect. Leaders can discuss spend priority in context of corporate goals. These companies, without fail, experience better utilization and collaboration around tools that actually, demonstrably, help the business.

Cleanshelf gives unparalleled visibility, monitoring and management of SaaS licensing across your organization. Our tool puts business and IT squarely in the driver seat – equipped with data, information and productivity metrics to introduce software deployment process.

The time for process development is now.

Process means you will you save money on otherwise wasted licenses.
Process means you shore up security worries by having full visibility.
Process means you will get rid of redundant SaaS tools that kill productivity.

Contact us today to unlock your process.

About Cleanshelf

Cleanshelf is the leading SaaS spend optimization solution focused exclusively on tracking, controlling, and benchmarking subscription SaaS applications. Cleanshelf’s cloud technologies help companies save up to 30% on their SaaS spending by automatically identifying unused, underused, or unmanaged licenses and subscriptions.

Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, Cleanshelf serves dozens of clients, including Drawbridge, Revinate, Dynamic Signal, Qumulo, and Service Rocket.


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