July 3, 2018

The State Of Business’ SaaS Spend 2018

Cleanshelf is pleased to announce the publishing of its annual The State of Business’ SaaS Spend 2018 infographic.

As the wave of increased cloud spending grows and employee demand for SaaS tools rises, companies find themselves committing more and more budget to software. Cleanshelf works with many of these companies to manage their SaaS environments – helping control, track, optimize and benchmark their spend.

While SaaS tools are critical for collaboration and business success, they also sit squarely behind salary and benefits as the #2 most significant area of employee expense.

2018 Highlights - 

  • A 350-person US company will spend more than $4.8 million dollars on cloud apps and services
  • Average company spend has grown 24% since 2017
  • 30%, or nearly $3,300 per employee, will be wasted on excess licenses or wasteful contracts
  • Businesses may be spending up to 50% more for common cloud services like Salesforce CRM and Zendesk Support. Discounts are out there for those who ask.

As SaaS’ role continues to grow inside startup and enterprise companies, managing spend and optimizing license usage will become a strategic capability. Contact the team at Cleanshelf to learn more.


About Cleanshelf

Cleanshelf is the leading SaaS spend optimization solution focused exclusively on tracking, controlling, and benchmarking subscription SaaS applications. Cleanshelf’s cloud technologies help companies save up to 30% on their SaaS spending by automatically identifying unused, underused, or unmanaged licenses and subscriptions.

Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, Cleanshelf serves dozens of clients, including Drawbridge, Revinate, Dynamic Signal, Qumulo, and Service Rocket.


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