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Recently, Cleanshelf and The ITAM Review co-authored an article titled "The CIO's guide to saving $4000 per employee annually". Written by AJ Witt (ITAM Review) and Dusan Omercevic (Cleanshelf CEO & Founder), it offers industry insights for IT leaders.

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How CIO’s Can Save Thousands on Headcount

SaaS companies are enjoying huge success. The numbers speak for themselves:

  • Microsoft adds 3 million active Office 365 users every month.
  • Adobe net income doubled in the six years following the switch to the Creative Cloud subscription model.
  • Salesforce revenue & revenue growth chart looks like this.

Now the question is who is driving these figures? The answer is straightforward. It is in fact our organizations that are responsible, partly because of the complexities of managing SaaS spending.

The new Cleanshelf infographic estimates that SaaS spending in the US is topping $13k per employee per annum. Of that spend, up to 30% is wasted. That's why CIOs need to leverage intelligence and strong stakeholder relationships to cut back effectively. So, where better to start than with SaaS Subscription Management and Cost Optimization tools?

Read The CIO's Guide to saving $4000 per employee annually to learn:

  • How SaaS growth impacts the CIO role and how the IT function itself is dramatically changing.
  • About the IT function's current challenges and how new tools and processes help to overcome obstacles.
  • About the three cost-saving pillars: subscription utilization optimization; standardization; and data-driven vendor management.
  • How these three cost-saving pillars facilitate SaaS cost optimization.

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The CIO's Guide to saving $4000 per employee annually" was first published in The ITAM Review on August 27, 2019 and co-authored by AJ Witt (ITAM Review) and Dusan Omercevic (Cleanshelf).


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