New cross-department SaaS spending control and optimization capabilities allow Cleanshelf customers to share SaaS costs between departments, recycle or reassign SaaS licenses, budget at the department level and accurately estimate future SaaS spend organization wide.

SAN MATEO -- May 22nd, 2018 -- Cleanshelf Inc., a leading SaaS spending control and optimization platform, today announced the launch of functionality designed to help organizations better track, optimize and benchmark SaaS spend across departments. The platform, which creates immediate ROI improvement for customers deploying SaaS applications, now supports splitting subscriptions costs for SaaS apps by department and is based on actual employee usage data. The insights, which are automatically pulled from over 800 SaaS industry vendors using Cleanshelf’s proprietary connectors and integrations, means customers can reuse or reassign licenses between departments without managing expense or budget assignment. The platform automatically organizes spend by cost center and helps both department level and organization wide budgeting.

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"Optimizing cross-department SaaS spend is key to efficiently managing subscription SaaS applications, particularly in larger organizations."

With SaaS spend eclipsing $10,000 annually per employee, companies need a solution to rein in out-of-control spending and to address the 30%-40% waste stemming from poor vendor management and account rationalization practices. Optimizing cross-department SaaS spend is key to efficiently managing subscription SaaS applications, particularly in larger organizations. This enhanced level of spend detail means finance and technology leaders can effortlessly track usage and spend patterns at the individual department level, while letting department heads use the detail to better manage technology spend and budget forecasts.

Enabling the departmental insight is the platform’s ability to track usage of subscription apps by the individual employee. Not only does this support spending control and  optimization at the individual level (by clearly identifying unused or underused licenses), but also produces findings on a department level and delivers rolled up company insights. The functionality is fully automated and requires no manual input from customers. Cleanshelf’s platform simply leverages existing SaaS vendor integrations, while securely pulling employee and department information from standard HRIS and ERP systems like NetSuite or Zenefits.

“When discussing the next frontier of SaaS spending control and optimization with customers like ServiceRocketDynamic SignalDrawbridge and Revinate, the need for cross-department support always surfaced. If SaaS applications are introduced bottom-up at the department level, economy of scale is rarely realized. If introduced top-down, adoption levels are uneven between departments, reducing collaboration and delivering low ROI” said Mateja Rajter, VP of Product at Cleanshelf. “We’re excited to offer a solution to bridge the best of both approaches to SaaS procurement and help our customers get the most technology bang for their subscription buck.”

"The new cross-department support will give finance full visibility on department attribution for shared SaaS vendors."

Matt Armstrong, VP Finance at Revinate

“Using cutting-edge software technology is the key competitive advantage of fast-growing companies and the finance function is nowadays heavily involved in technology decisions.” said Matt Armstrong who heads finance at Revinate, a hospitality technology provider from San Francisco. “We plan to use the new cross-department support in Cleanshelf to help department owners fully embrace modern technology stacks while giving finance full visibility on department attribution for shared SaaS vendors.”

Cross-department support is immediately available for all existing and new Cleanshelf customers using NetSuite as a primary ERP system. Integration with additional HRIS and ERP systems is currently in beta testing with selected customers and will be available in the coming months. Please contact Cleanshelf’s customer success team at for more information.

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Cleanshelf is the leading enterprise SaaS management platform focused on tracking, controlling, and benchmarking SaaS applications. Their SOC 2-compliant and AI-powered technology helps companies save up to 30% on their SaaS spending by automatically identifying unmanaged contracts, duplicate licenses, and wasted cloud software subscriptions. Based in San Francisco, Cleanshelf provides an enterprise-grade solution to over a hundred clients, including Hilton, Looker, and CoStar Group.

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