A great salesperson delivers great sales experiences. And at Cleanshelf, we take the experiences of our customers and prospects seriously. Everyday we embrace honesty, partnership and relationship with the prospects and customers we work with.

In pursuit of this, we are pleased to announce the hiring of Patrick West as our new Business Director at Cleanshelf. 

Unlocking value, enhancing business outcomes and making finance and technology leaders’ lives easier – and their businesses more profitable – is always our aim. This hire builds on our customer-first conviction and follows the addition of our Head of Customer Success late last year.

We expect these roles, together with our product and support teams, to create an ever richer, integrated experience for leaders fighting against out-of-control SaaS spend in their organizations.

We interview Patrick below to learn more about his customer and sales philosophy and his vision to partner with CFOs to build leaner, more secure and profitable companies.

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In your experience, what do SaaS customers often misunderstand about the relationship with their Sales or Account Manager?
The sole purpose for these roles is to provide value. Value in how to use a tool. Value in having someone to answer the phone to provide clear, direct answers – even if that means not making a sale today. Value in a long-term trusted partnership.

"The sole purpose of sales is to provide value. Value in a long-term true partnership."

Sadly, SaaS buyers have lost sight of this – and perhaps even feel skepticism around their sales reps –  because those that are serving them are not delivering value. Or have ulterior motives. It is the responsibility of sales leaders to ensure the customer understands the true, intended nature of the relationship.”

What are your top priorities as a sales leader?
First, create happy customers, because great customer experiences means we both will be successful in the long run. Second, ensure anyone who comes in contact with Cleanshelf has a clear understanding of value as it relates specifically to them. When this is clear, together, we can decide whether we are a great fit now or not.

What can customers or prospects expect when working with you?

In my experience, SaaS sales folks are not transparent enough. Customers need to see what they get and get what they see. There is no compromise here. Simply, being quota driven or selling to a customer when they aren’t ready is a sure way to lose in the long run. Customers are great partners and advocates for referrals and product improvement insights. Losing this trust is downright foolish for a salesperson.

"Cleanshelf is the one tool I could find that actually empowers CFOs against the black hole of SaaS subscriptions. And these black holes are growing."

Why did you join Cleanshelf, what about the product or opportunity makes you most excited?
This is easy! Cleanshelf is the one tool I could find that actually empowers CFOs against the black hole of SaaS subscriptions. And these black holes are growing.

As well, I’ve worked with CFOs for sometime now, selling cloud ERP solutions in the past. CFOs are intelligent and make decisions logically and rationally. This thoughtfulness is an important part of the sales process and Cleanshelf is generally a great investment for even the most discerning finance leader!

What can someone expect when working with Cleanshelf?
Transparency. Cleanshelf solves an important problem but we will not oversell our solution beyond what it can do. When a customer speaks with me or anyone on our sales team, we will be clear about the value they can unlock today. We won’t sell based on a promise of roadmapped features – although we do have an impressive roadmap in store!

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Thanks Patrick!

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