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400+ employees
Data Storage Company

Qumulo solves the challenge of non-centrally managed SaaS

TEAMS USING CLEANSHELF Business Systems, Finance
15% lowered SaaS costs
10x ROI
500% more efficient in getting SaaS information
3 years with Cleanshelf

Qumulo's story

In 2012, as the big data era dawned, three founders bet companies would need help managing large amounts of file data. The bet paid off. Today, Qumulo is valued at $1.2 billion and handles over 150 billion files for customers such as Hyundai, Telus, and the University of Washington.

Qumulo's Key Challenges

Hyper Growth

The company grew from 180 to more than 400 employees.

SaaS Visibility

Getting SaaS information required detective work.

Invasive Solutions

Other solutions did not fit their needs or culture.

Working at hyper-speed posed a new challenge

According to GeekWire, the digitization of more and more content has increased demand for Qumulo’s cloud-based platform–particularly amid a pandemic that is speeding up adoption of digital technologies. But working at hyper-speed has its challenges.

Lynn Johnson, Qumulo’s Director of Business Systems laughs when asked about the moment she realized she needed help managing software use inside the 180-person (now, 400+) company: “My CFO walked into my office and said, ‘I’m putting you in charge of our SaaS apps’”. While her team handled corporate applications, non-centrally managed SaaS posed a new challenge.

"Cleanshelf helps us make sure people are buying SaaS tools that aren’t redundant or overlapping, and figure out if there are any security risks with SaaS vendors."

Lynn Johnson Director of Business Systems

Trusting teams with budget authority came with a tradeoff

Lynn’s immediate concern was visibility. “We trusted our teams and gave them budget authority”, but that came with a tradeoff. Business systems didn’t know what all was owned. “I figured I could export from our financial system and from Concur, dump the data into Excel and try to solve it,” Johnson shares.

But rather than resigning her team to a cycle of data dumps and detective work, Lynn explored her options. Conversations with the ERP provider dead-ended. Other spend management solutions were incomplete and invasive. “Looking at network traffic, or forcing a browser add-on to monitor activity didn’t fit our culture.”

Qumulo's Key Results


lowered YoY SaaS costs.


return on Cleanshelf investment.


more efficient in getting SaaS information.

3 years

with Cleanshelf.

Trading insights and maximizing budgets

After a brief trial period, Qumulo adopted Cleanshelf. As Lynn guides: “It simply gave me the visibility I needed.” Lynn now has twelve users working with Cleanshelf. Leaders trade insights about tool usage and finance helps department heads maximize budget with metrics like ‘tracking of spend against plan by vendor.’

Was there a bit of panic when Lynn’s CFO dropped the SaaS management ask on her? Absolutely. But the worry gave way to new confidence, financial savings, and corporate efficiencies. Although Cleanshelf solves management problems around the company’s over 100 tools, Johnson sees transformation in even the littlest examples.

Thirty seconds to know how much software a new team member needs to start

“During our budget cycle, someone asked me a simple question: ‘How much software does a salesperson need to start?’” Before, that could have sent her team down a rabbit hole of research. Now, she laughs: “In thirty seconds, I had that answer.”

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