Last week, Cleanshelf’s CEO, Dusan Omercevic, attended the GP Bullhound Summit, a private affair for 150 of the most impactful CEOs and founders in the technology industry. Three SaaS technology trends dominated the discourse - and they will without a doubt change the SaaS world as we know it.

This invite-only event was set in Marbella, Spain with a brilliant agenda to share experience, inspire fresh thinking and spark debate about exciting technology trends.

As attendees - the creators of today's digital world - discussed various different ideas (critical developments in the industry, the financial applications, and leading app developments among others), some breakthrough thoughts emerged.

1. AI will disrupt SaaS.

We have written before how AI and emerging technologies will double the world’s productivity in the next 5 years. The discussions at the Summit confirmed this prognosis. It is clear that artificial intelligence will be a big part of our future lives. AI augmentation and automation technologies are already positively affecting efficiency improvements by accelerating their day-to-day operations. Backed by enormous amounts of data that is presented in easily understandable forms, the decisions can be made faster and with greater confidence. We can expect innovative companies to take AI in SaaS even further - from offering insightful customer personalization, advanced SaaS automatization, and helping with smart predictions.

Johan Nylander and Elsa Hu discussing state of technology in China

2. Mobile devices are king.

When it comes to SaaS technology trends, businesses need to have a mobile strategy in place if they want to stay relevant. The mobile devices market has transformed our lives in the last decade and shows no sign of slowing. For example, Gartner forecasts global mobile device sales to reach 1.8 billion in 2019. We once used mobile only for checking email and answering the occasional Slack when on-the-go. But the improved performance of pocket-friendly gadgets means people can now choose their preferred device without compromising the user experience. A mobile first, cloud first mentality is what what offers a more compelling service throughout. It gives customers the actual “anytime, anywhere” experience they seek.

Sir Martin Sorrell explaining the key to success

3. Going global equals finding growth.

Market globalization invites new opportunities for companies to increase brand awareness and ramp up the revenue. The key for being successful worldwide is to build integrated services and solutions that support quick and efficient localizations. Looking from the workforce perspective, globalization will change SaaS by inviting new, global team members to join the workforce. The progress in tools and broadband connection is what makes collaborating with just about everyone, from everywhere, and at any time, possible. Say hi to multi-cultural teams and multi-cultural clients.

Summit 2019 has proved we are about to witness some truly inspiring tech. Technology has revolutionized the way we do business - and history is repeating itself once again. Except this time around, with SaaS exclusively. Companies are creating new services, and businesses are adopting them open arms. Brace yourself, changes that will shift your SaaS worlds upside down are coming full speed.


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