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Manage all of your SaaS contracts in one place

Discover and analyze all SaaS contracts to improve adoption and optimize costs.

Increase return on your SaaS investments

Our data-driven platform helps you establish a defined, documented, and repeatable process for handling subscription contracts.

No hidden contracts or surprise contract changes

View and manage all of your contracts and owners

See all of your SaaS contracts in a single dashboard; includes renewal dates, account owner, and detailed usage reports.

No missed renewals

Never miss a contract renewal date

SaaS renewal calendar is visually and easily displayed. Set renewal alerts and proactively renegotiate your SaaS contracts using our data and pricing benchmarks.

No underutilized contracts

Track usage and rightsize contracts

Make the most of the SaaS you pay for. Automatically identify, optimize, and consolidate unused or underutilized licenses.

No more overbudgeting

Plan your SaaS budget and improve cash flow

Plan proactively and understand the cash flow impacts to employee onboarding and offboarding.

The Industry's Most Comprehensive List of Integrations

For your enterprise, visibility is all or nothing. Integrations with the leading contract management systems equip you with relevant renewal information and support a proactive renewal process.


Provides insight into all SaaS contracts and integrates with existing tools like Salesforce CRM to improve contract information.

SAP Ariba

Equips you with renewal information to help you cut costs, minimize risks, and ensure compliance.

Contract Works

Gives you control over your contracts and equips you with information to make informed decisions based on the contract details.

3600+ direct vendor integrations

Direct integrations help you measure SaaS use and the ROI on software investments.

30% more accurate annual software forecasts
Degreed brings clarity to software budgeting and forecasting Read the case study

6 features world-class companies use to maximize SaaS contract value

Gain complete visibility. Simplify SaaS contract management.

Contract renewal calendar with alerts

Visualize renewals and set alerts to better prepare for negotiations.

Enterprise customer support

Maximize every dollar of your platform investment.

Assign contract owners

Know who owns every tool and improve ownership accountability.

One place to store all SaaS contracts

Keep a central repository of all your SaaS contracts.

Contract optimization reports

Get contract optimization reports with actionable recommendations.

Vendor price benchmarks

Unlock industry price benchmarks and renegotiate the best price possible.

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