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Mitigate your SaaS estate risks

Remove security threats, secure access to sensitive data, and identify SaaS vendors that comply with your company's policies.

One platform to display your security exposure

97% of CIOs can't see their total SaaS exposure. Our intelligent, AI-driven platform gives you complete visibility into your SaaS portfolio.

No shadow IT

Verify your full SaaS estate and users

Clean up your SaaS portfolio by identifying and removing overlapping or unknown SaaS vendors.

No more noncompliance

Verify your SaaS portfolio compliance

Identify and remove SaaS vendors that don't comply with GDPR, SOC2, CCPA and other required or company policies.

No unmanaged access

Control access to your SaaS

Identify and deprovision previous users or employees who still have access to company SaaS and data.

The Industry's Most Comprehensive List of Integrations

In your enterprise, visibility is all or nothing. That’s why we have 3600+ integrations available for all leading financial, HR, and Single Sign-On systems to give you insight into your entire SaaS suite.

Financial & CM systems

Integrations equip you with information about your renewals and support a proactive renewal process.

HR systems

Automatically track spend and utilization across departments to efficiently manage SaaS licenses.

SSO & CASB systems

Direct integrations with Okta and other SSO systems enable capture of utilization data and provisioning or deprovisioning licenses directly from Cleanshelf.

3600+ direct vendor integrations

Direct integrations help you measure SaaS use and the ROI on software investments.

153 shadow applications discovered out of 232 total
Harry's leverages visibility to drive growth and lower costs Read the case study

Why world-class companies use Cleanshelf to secure their SaaS portfolios

Gain complete visibility. Secure your organization.

Automated discovery of new services

Track new services employees subscribe to and mitigate risks.

Un-managed access review

Make sure sensitive data is managed and secured.

Uncover shadow IT

Discover any hidden SaaS that employees are subscribed to.

SOC2 compliant vendor

Partner with a platform that keeps your data private and secure.

Vendor compliance status

Ensure SaaS vendors comply with your company's policies.

Access control

Easily provision and deprovision to maintain access control.

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