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Effectively manage your SaaS spend

Automate error-prone processes and optimize SaaS costs. Learn exactly what is being bought, from whom, and for how much.

Eliminate wasted spend

SaaS vendors won't tell you, but reports show that companies waste 30% of their SaaS spend on excess licenses, redundant services, and overpriced vendors.

No unknown costs

Get full visibility and control over your SaaS spend

Easily find SaaS spend from expense reports, corporate credit cards, and accounts payable. Find the account owners and what category tool falls under.

No wasted spend

Optimize your SaaS spend by tracking usage

Make the most of the SaaS you pay for. Automatically identify, optimize, and consolidate unused or underutilized licenses.

No more overbudgeting

Plan your SaaS budget and cash flow

Proactively approach planning. Set your future budget for SaaS, and plan cash flow impacts when you onboard or offboard employees.

Get rid of the detective role

Empower stakeholders with quality SaaS data

Become a strategic partner and improve reporting on your SaaS with in-depth cost insights by department, and service.

The Industry's Most Comprehensive List of Integrations

In your enterprise, visibility is all or nothing. Our direct integrations with all leading financial systems provide full visibility into your SaaS and cloud IT spend.


Visibility and spend insights from your cloud-based ERP software suite.


Spend insights direct from your Intacct financial management and accounting application.


Visibility and spend insights directly from Quickbooks accounting packages.

3600+ direct vendor integrations

Direct integrations help you measure SaaS use and the ROI on software investments.

18% savings on total SaaS spend in year one.
Harry's leverages visibility to drive growth and lower costs Read the case study

Platform features for everyone

Free up your time & resources and keep all stakeholders 'in the know.'

Vendor consolidation

Consolidate vendors based on adoption rate and business value.

Utilization insights

Analytics-driven command to automate your control.

Anticipated monthly & annual spend

Plan and control the budget you allocate for cloud-based subscriptions.

Vendor price benchmarks

Unlock industry price benchmarks and renegotiate the best price possible.

Spend optimization reports

Get spend optimization reports with actionable recommendations.

Spend by department

Control departmental budget across the organization.

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