May 11, 2016

GitHub's Price Hike - A Perfect Time to Migrate to BitBucket and Save a Lot of Money

GitHub has announced a new pricing structure today. Instead of charging by the number of private repositories, they'll start charging by the number of users. They're making it sound like a huge win for their customers, but at Cleanshelf we've immediately recognized it for what it really is - a price hike.

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March 7, 2016

BackHub Review - Sleep Well at Night While Saving Money on Your GitHub Subscription

At first glance, backing up GitHub repositories sounds like a trivial operation. Git is a distributed version control system, so each of the team members already has the full copy of the repository on his or her local machine. All one needs to do is to backup files somewhere safe, the same as is the case for other stuff on user’s hard drive. While backing up is relatively easy, the real nuisance is restoring files. You must create a new repository on GitHub, restore files locally, and then push everything to GitHub. And you lose all the threads discussing issues, pull requests are gone, and information about collaborators on the project is lost. All these issues (and more) are handled automatically by BackHub for just about three dollars per private repository backup per year, which is ten times less than what it costs to host a private repository on GitHub.

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