July 3, 2018

The State Of Business' SaaS Spend 2018

Cleanshelf is pleased to announce the publishing of its annual The State of Business’ SaaS Spend 2018 infographic. For the third year in a row we compiled anonymous customer and services data to identify key industry trends and benchmarks in business' SaaS spend.

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June 6, 2017

The State Of Business' SaaS Spend 2017

The 2017 version of the infographic on the state of business' SaaS spend based on the anonymised data of Cleanshelf customers and information found online.

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July 7, 2016

The State Of Business' SaaS Spend 2016

Curious how much other companies like yours spend on SaaS? We analyzed the data of our customers (anonymously of course) and information found online. The result is an infographic and some intriguing insight.

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